Our service enables you to drive a digital one-on-one engagement with your customers.
The service contains a content management platform (vCMP) in combination with internal positioning systems (network of Bluetooth transmitters) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate your mobile applications (Apps) as well as corporate applications (like ERP/CRM).

vCMP aligns Bluetooth transmitters with relevant content, depending on transmitter’s location. The content is differed in various content types, enabling you to setup plain text, graphics and/or links to web- or micro-sites.

Any type of interaction between a consumer and the technology is logged. This data builds the fundament of our comprehensive reporting tools.

The Bluetooth transmitters consist of the market-proven Nordic Semiconductor chips. Bluetooth Smart technology is an integral part of the Bluetooth Core Specification from Bluetooth 4.0 onwards. Bluetooth Smart brings Bluetooth wireless connectivity to low cost, small battery operated devices that require years of battery lifetime.


We start with a comprehensive analysis of your specific business requirements to identify relevant use cases. Usually these use cases vary by industry regarding their specific nature in terms of conversion rates, consumer engagement and margins.


Once individual requirements are identified we set-up a rule-based framework. The framework triggers notifications based on your consumers’ location. We update your existing mobile application to enable the use of vertyze’s Proximity Advertising Cloud (PAC).


We provide an integrated solution including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmitters, compliant to Apple’s iBeacon standard. It allows easy integration into existing mobile applications via Software Development Kit (SDK). Vertyze’s CMP and a reporting tool to analyze data allow you to tailor content to yourbusiness needs, retrieving immediate feedback